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Award, Diploma or Certificate?

We offer ILM qualifications at Level 5 and 7 Award, Certificate and Diploma, Level 6 is Award. The Award is the shortest and most concise qualification. The Certificate provides a broad base of knowledge and skills. The Diploma is the most comprehensive qualification, with an extensive programme of learning. All ILM’s qualifications are made up of small, self-contained, bite-sized units of learning. Each unit covers a specific topic. ILM have designed core leadership and management qualifications to be as flexible as possible. At Khalsa College London your course will address specific units but should you require any additions or changes we are happy to advise.

Please take a look at this link, once you join ILM there is a vast section on links on everything from resources and exams to potential future employment routes.

Assessment is in the form of assignments. However Khalsa College London has its own internal policy of continuous assessment which is carried out each term in the form of an exam and short assignment. Additionally your Course co-ordinator will discuss with you course specifications, how to access additional external information, assessment criteria and feedback. We work with students in the classroom to identify areas of both strength and weakness and there is an opportunity to have weekly one-to-one time with a member of our teaching staff to discuss any areas of concern and/or gain feedback on assignments. Assignments are marked following the ILM criteria by an approved IV (Internal Verifier) before submission to ILM (EV) external verifier for final sign-off. Any exams will be conducted under strict invigilation our own exam policy guidelines.

Please come in to Khalsa College London or give us a call on 020 8427 5132 to discuss the course at more length, you are welcome to book a meeting with the Course Co-ordinator to discuss any matters relating to the course before making your decision.

The Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) is the UK’s largest management body, combining industry-leading qualifications and specialist member services. ILM is founded on the principle that skilled managers and leaders hold the key to creating productive workforces that deliver organisational and economic success. Our qualifications and membership services combine to drive up the standards of leadership and management and improve individual and team performance.

ILM Level 5 Qualifications in Leadership and Management (8607)

Who are these qualifications for?
The Level 5 Award, Certificate or Diploma in Leadership and Management is designed for practising middle managers, helping them to develop their skills and experience, improve performance and prepare for senior management responsibilities.

Benefits for individuals
▶ Use core management techniques to drive better results
▶ Develop your ability to lead, motivate and inspire
▶ Provide strategic leadership as well as day-to-day management
▶ Benchmark your managerial skills
▶ Raise your profile in your organisation.

Benefits for employers
▶ Encourage strategic thinking at this level of management to foster business improvement
▶ Engage middle managers with training and development – this qualification is designed to provide clear, measurable benefits to career-minded professionals
▶ Customise this qualification to your development needs.
The qualifications are made up of a broad range of units covering skills in six core areas – working with people, managing yourself and personal skills, providing direction, facilitating innovation and change, achieving results, and using resources. The flexibility in unit choice allows the qualification to be tailored to meet the needs of the individual and employer.

This qualification will provide progression opportunities to other qualifications including:
▶ ILM Level 5 Extended Diploma in Leadership and Management
▶ ILM Level 5 Diploma in Principles of Leadership and Management

ILM Level 6 Award in Management (8316)

Who are these qualifications for?

The Level 6 Award in Management is designed for senior managers who are new in their roles, or middle managers who are preparing for promotion. It is aimed at sharpening learners’ critical thinking skills and evaluating their performance to prepare for senior leadership. Credits can be carried forward to Level 7 qualifications, so it is a valuable bridge for learners moving from an ILM Level 5 qualification to a Level 7 qualification.

Benefits for individuals
▶ Understand the role of a senior manager
▶ Take a critical and informed look at your own performance
▶ Understand how management theories and models influence management practice
▶ Develop your ability to critically review ideas and practices
▶ Carry out relevant research to inform the way you work.

Benefits for employers
▶ Develop senior leadership for succession planning
▶ Give prospective senior leaders the tools to understand and evaluate their own performance.

This qualification comprises two mandatory units. In the first unit, learners will collect and analyse feedback on their personal management practice and effectiveness to help them identify their strengths and prepare an action plan to address areas for improvement. The second unit requires learners to critically review relevant management theories or models, and undertake research to inform their own management and leadership practice.

This qualification forms a valuable bridge between ILM Level 5 and Level 7 qualifications. Learners can carry 12 credits towards the ILM Level 7 Certificate or Diploma in Executive Management, or 6 credits towards the ILM Level 7 Certificate or Diploma in Strategic Leadership.


ILM Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Leadership and Executive Management (8342)

Who are these qualifications for?

This is a challenging programme, designed to develop leadership skills at the most senior level. It’s best suited to practising senior managers with significant experience. Learners will be able to benchmark their skills, accredit their experience and develop themselves professionally.

Benefits for individuals
▶ Get a thorough grounding in the role of senior management
▶ Understand the influence of different theories and models on management practice
▶ Make strong, informed decisions using a range of strategie
▶ Analyse the principles and practice of leadership in your organisation
▶ Critically evaluate your own performance as a leader
▶ Tools, skills and knowledge to take responsibility for your professional development.

Benefits for employers
▶ Prepare and groom future leaders for your organisation
▶ Benchmark the skills and knowledge of your most senior managers.
▶ Senior managers who understand strategic leadership in the context of your organisation
▶ Senior managers who are self-aware and take responsibility for self-development
▶ Range of optional units means this qualification can be tailored to your needs – close skills gaps, develop and shape a talent pipeline in your organisation.

This qualification includes units that focus on the practical skills individuals need at this level, units that will build specialist business knowledge and units that are designed to help learners take responsibility for their own development. There are six mandatory units – ‘Developing the executive manager’, ‘Making informed decisions’, ‘Leadership in practice’, ‘Developing the reflective leader’, ‘The leadership journey’, and ‘Leading change in organisations’. There is also a wide range of optional units, so the qualification can be tailored to the learner’s individual requirements.

Successful completion of these qualifications can lead to a range of progression options at a suitable level within or outside the Qualifications and Credit Framework.



Fees on application. Fees must be paid at the time of enrolment. Additional fee: books, membership to awarding body and examinations. Fees once paid are non-refundable.

Annual fees for the courses are payable at the time of enrolment. All fees are for one academic session, and not refundable. The fees include the costs of the teaching and internal examinations. The fees do not, however, cover the cost of books, stationery, handouts or the cost of external examinations.

Please note: Fees non-refundable
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